A World Without School Music

Way too many people—including administrators and school board members—consider music education in school to be “special,” “optional,” or an “extra.”

It is most assuredly NOT.

Students learn skills in the music classroom that aren’t taught anywhere else inside or outside the building, before or after school.

Without school music, students would miss these benefits:

If you or your child is currently having or had a positively transformative experience as a result of time in a music classroom, TELL SOMEONE. TELL EVERYONE.

Before it’s too late.

Kathleen Heuer

Kathleen Heuer is the host of Marketing Music Education, the podcast that encourages music educators & boosters to increase the reach, influence and “relentlessly positive” perception of their programs. By day she is a social media & digital marketing consultant, content strategist, community manager, and graphic designer for Broken Chord Communications, working primarily in the field of music education. Married to an engineer she met while she was in college marching band, she’s a proud band and orchestra parent twice over. You can check out her website at KathleenHeuer.com and follow her on Twitter at @KathleenHeuer.

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